Connecting Spouses of Littles for support

Littles, Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, and Teen Babies all feel isolated.  Many of us grow up with an affinity for something we don’t understand. Each of us ends up asking ourselves a question along the lines of “why would I want to wear diapers?”  Alone, I don’t think we can answer this question.

I found that in the confines of my own mind I was unable to find any semblance of an answer or peace with my situation, but that didn’t stop me from stumbling around in the dark for more than two decades.  It wasn’t until I was able to verbalize for the first time, “I want to wear diapers” that  I feel that I was truly able to progress.  That was a huge realization for me, something I had been looking for, searching for.  

In that same moment of enlightenment for me I placed my wife in a new place.  Somewhere she hadn’t been searching for. Somewhere she likely wished she would never have to find herself.  In a breakthrough moment for me, she likely found herself emotionally shut in. So many questions, so many concerns.

We have come a long way since then.  Many conversations, some tears, and a number of diapers have brought us to where we are now.  We are still learning, still growing, still discovering together. The key is that the journey (for me) is no longer alone.

My wife, on the other hand, doesn’t feel as much fellowship or connection.  She still feels islanded because who does she have to talk to about this? This isn’t exactly the next topic you want to bring up with your girlfriends over lunch or a pedicure.  She has stood alone, battled alone these past few months the same as I had for the past few decades. I know the emotion behind her struggle. I feel her pain of not knowing where to turn.

So where does she turn?

I purchased Coffee with Rosie, and after reading it offered it to her as a starting point.  I had hoped to have another story told from the perspective of the spouse would be beneficial for her.

Also, in recent conversations I offered to talk with one of the ABDLs that I’ve been talking with to see if one of their spouses would be comfortable with communicating with her.  After a few months she brought it back up and asked if I would see if there was someone she could talk to, someone she could relate to.

I did reach out, and she decided to communicate with one of the spouses of another little I’ve been talking with.  My hope is she gains some peace, comfort, and connection with someone who can relate with what she is experiencing.  It makes me nervous because it is nothing I can control, but I hope they are able to help each other in some form and fashion.  I hope it allows her a place to ask questions that she doesn’t feel that she can presently ask me.  

I never meant to place her in a similar isolation that I had found myself for so long.  The last thing of of us wants to do is hurt our spouse and our relationship. I feel we are stronger together now, as we continue to navigate diapers together, and I hope this is another tool we are able to leverage to build on the foundation that we have established this year.

We all need a friend, and I hope she can find one that does truly understand just as I have in their spouses

Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

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