Book Review (sorta) and Creating Healthy Boundaries 

Earlier this year I message Rosalie Bent a number of times as I began my journey.  I had purchased Coffee with Rosie earlier and had discussed it a bit with her as I began talking to my wife about diapers.  During our conversations she sent me something else to read that she thought might benefit the conversation I had begun with my wife.  This small book, called “So, your teenager is wearing diapers…” is a guide for parents who learn a child/teenager has diapers.  This is a huge shock to most parents, and the guide presents an opportunity for conversation with understanding.  While I read through the book, one particular section really stood out to me that I wanted to share.

Many ABDLs that I’ve talked with have shared with me the regiments schedule they have regarding their diaper-wearing.  Some are very rigid in their approach, some wear 24/7, and others have a looser relationship with them. The guidelines set here, meant for a parent to help their teenager establish boundaries and guidelines, are a good thing for all Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers to consider.

Where – Limiting where diapers are allowed to be worn.  There are situations where physical limitations make sense in diaper wearing, especially earlier in your discovery of wearing.  We are often very conservative, but sometimes excitement creeps in and wearing in public creates many opportunities for discovery.

When – How often, or when a set of circumstances allow.  Perhaps this is a set of days or time frame within a day/s.  Perhaps it is also when someone is not home. Her point here is that “Your teen needs to take into account other people as well as themselves.”  I agree there is some power there, and it pushes past diaper wearing, and more in being a responsible teen and adult.

Responsibility – Create personal and financial responsibility around diapers.  Knowing the impact they have on your own account has impact. With most of us as adults we have to reign in spending all over the place.  This expense should be often consider superfluous in nature, and unable to take priority over other things in life. We must prioritize what really matters most in life.

Restraint – WIth responsibility comes the ability and need for restraint.  We must begin to establish and build boundaries that allow us to continue to live happy and healthy lives.  We have to be big enough to know when we can be “little.”

Hygiene – Take care of yourself littles, bottom line.  Remember happy and healthy.

Discretion – While there is a minority of ABDL that are very overt in their wearing, I believe that discretion makes all the sense in the world when we talk about our little side.  Be kind, be discreet, and make sure those you expose to your ABDL side are aware and consenting.

The rules you set for yourself will change over time.  How you interact and live with diapers may evolve as your life’s circumstances change.  Remember to base your personal rules with these things in mind.  

For parents of those who choose to wear diapers.  Please consider giving this book a read before, during, and after you talk with your child.  We are deathly afraid of you ever knowing, and if the possibility existed to have a levelheaded conversation about something we ourselves don’t even understand I think more of us would have tried growing up.  Instead we pushed it inside internalized it, and all too often shamed ourselves because of it. Still have questions, reach out!  I’ll help where and how I can.  If I can help one other person escape some of the struggle, pain, grief, and torment I had growing up wanting to wear diapers then it will all be worth it!

Never waddle alone!

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