Our imperfect self is good enough

While taking just a few moments during my day on the computer I saw an email come in from the Church.  My inbox is never empty, and there is always something to do. For some reason I took the moment and clicked on the email, and found the blog post Come as you are; Bring what you have. (I will only quickly reference it. I encourage you to take a three minutes and read it as well)  It was short, sweet, and to the point.  I had been speaking with a few other ABDLs in the last week, and this message made me think of those people.  I shared this post with them because there was a power in what was said.  

In short, the writer of the blog post attended a Church service in a different ward where they did not have a pianist.  Seeing someone new in the congregation they asked if one of them would play the piano instead of the automatic piano the they building had.  The writer, while apprehensive to play, did play the piano in that meeting. After, she realized that the people would rather have her imperfect effort on the piano rather than a perfectly playing, automatic piano.

This is how it is with so many things in life.  We are imperfect, but when we are willing to try that is enough.  In the last year, I brought what I felt was one of my biggest imperfections to my wife (diapers).  I felt so small and vulnerable that in my imperfections she would think so much less of me. Being the amazing woman she is, she has shown me through her love that I am enough.  Wearing a diaper, to her, I am enough. The path we are on, and continue to work towards, will help us attain long-term success and happiness with diapers being a part of my life (Check out this post that talks about a very interesting Harvard study).

When you feel down, when you feel hurt, know that you are enough.  There are people that love you, and will be there for you no matter the circumstance.  Embrace those people, let them know how much you love them.  

They take you as you are, and that is the world.

5 thoughts on “Our imperfect self is good enough

  1. Lovely message and thought. Imperfect honest attempts are always better than mechanical perfection. That’s why I look at the world from a sideways view. It’s the only way I have found for a disabled old man to always smile. Love your stuff


    1. Then you so much for the kind words. The beauty and the growth is in the attempt. Having the courage to get back up from whatever part of our lives is knocking us down.

      I’m glad you have found a way to continue to be happy and smile considering your situation!

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