Fortune Cookies

This last week has brought so many emotions, so many experiences that I couldn’t wrap them into one blog post if I wanted to.  While wrapping up some work travel I was beginning to pack back up and get everything in order for the return trip when I saw two fortune cookies from some lunch I’d eaten previously.  While wrapping up the last of my packing I tore into the two fortune cookies and found two statements that really resonated with what has been happening in the previous days.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not expecting you to believe, nor do I believe, that my fortune is being told by a couple sugar cookies made by an American tradition for Chinese food. I do think it is a fun exercise to reflect on one’s own life. I enjoy finding quotes that bring deep meaning and an emotionally impactful effect to my soul.  Those words and lyrics become a driving force of who we are as people.

Versatility is one of your outstanding traits

Jack of all trades, master of none has definitely been something that I’ve heard in the past.  I grew up in a very dynamic environment, and that is persisted into adulthood, fatherhood, and my professional ventures. I feel that this comes into play because my little side is just one more trait, one more side of myself, that makes me more unique and more well rounded.  I really like the word versatile because I feel it in stills a strength of capability. Being versatile allows me to be many things, and balance between those things. When I need to be professional, I am, when I need to be a father figure, I can, and when I need to be little to balance it all out, I am learning.

Be your strongest advocate

I think I smiled a little bit when I read this one considering what I had been reflecting on. I had just been talking with another Adult Baby about how hard we typically are on ourselves. Especially early on in life, when we feel isolated. We don’t understand ourselves, and we want to share what we are feeling and experiencing with someone else, but the shame drives us back inside. This “rock and a hard place” position that we put ourselves in is especially hard to get out of. I have found one of the most therapeutic things in learning about myself, has been sharing my experience with other people. In the same breath, how can I share something that I don’t understand?

We place ourselves in a very precarious spot as there are very limited people in which we can likely share something like this with, and have them extend an understanding and loving arm of fellowship. We typically internally even struggle with it, so how could we ever expect somebody else to accept it?

It is that leap of Faith, that extension of trust in somebody else that helps us truly learn and grow about ourselves, our little side, and how diapers impact our lives.  we must learn to be strong and advocate for ourselves. We must advocate for the inner voice, the inner urge, that has always been with us. Most of us have never known any different.  we must learn to advocate for our little side, and embrace what that means. I think it is a very personal thing, and mean something different for each and everyone of us. The most common words I hear associated with it are comfort, security, and peace.

When we learn to advocate for ourselves, we learn to empower that inner voice that is struggling to understand.  Again, I take the fortune cookies with a grain of salt but I enjoyed the relationship that they had with the last few days of my life.  I believe that through our choices we generate and create so much of what people call luck or fortune.

Choose to be lucky, littles.

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