Cookie-cutter solutions, and our unique circumstances

While talking with a Diaper Lover we discussed his boundaries he has set for himself.  I have found it interesting that we all do that in some form or fashion. We set our own soft and hard limits on what we are comfortable with regarding diapers and that lifestyle.  Sometimes these limits are placed on us with the assistance of family, spouses, finances, or our living situation. These limits can morph and change over time, but having limits is healthy.  Being able to rein things in when necessary helps us to keep that balance that I strive to maintain.

My DL friend said, “You have made me feel grateful for my limits. Thank you. Honestly, I don’t think there is any perfect solution with this. No diapers. All the diapers. Sometimes diapers. They all have their pros and cons.”

I think there is a lot of truth and power behind those words.  The fact that we have a desire or urge to wear diapers puts is in a hard place in all aspects of life.  We often focus on the social implications (especially when we are married or dating someone we like/love).  We worry so much about telling that person, and sharing that side of ourselves.

Wherever you are, whatever part of diapers you love, learn to find that balance.  You know yourself the best, and if you are brutally honest with yourself, you will be able to set proper boundaries.  We can lie to ourselves all we want, but until we can be honest with ourselves we will not be able to discover our own healthy boundaries.  We should then bring in our significant other, and make them part of the equation. They should have a say, and help us determine our boundaries.  That will lead to long-term happiness as a couple because you know you can be yourself, and express your little side, as well as keeping your spouse in a great place as well.

If we truly want to “live our best life,” we must find that balance.

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