Being Present, in the moment

This started off as a Sunday post, but for the reasons in the post that I’m presently preparing  I didn’t get it online on Sunday as normal. These Sunday posts have become a bit of a habit, and something that I’ve enjoyed doing; finding a connection between this part of my life, and my faith. I don’t try to force it, but when I listen I find that connection.

Sitting in church I listen and feel for something that resonates with what I have been experiencing throughout the previous days/weeks.  I was a bit preoccupied this week, as my sister was speaking in front of the congregation as she prepared to leave on a mission.  She has dedicated to go wherever she is called to go in the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Her faith and desire to serve is sending her to a foreign country to speak a language she has little to no exposure to prior to opening her mission call.  Soon, she will step onto a plane and leave for 18 months, as she goes to learn a new language to share the testimony that is in her heart. This was a big moment, something that we had planned on being in attendance for.  This is also a big moment for her. Being not just in attendance, but present in these moments shape our lives. In these moments we find our heroes, our mentors, our examples. We often prepare ourselves for these large moments, and have conditioned our minds to be open to new concepts, ideas, and direction for our lives.

Missionaries? What are they, what do they do in the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints?

There are times when we just “show up” and coast.  In these times we are more likely to miss the real moments will change us.  A special musical number was sung during the event that included my children.  This was something that had been planned within the week leading up to the service, so it was not something I had been largely planning for.  Those precious moments, that song, is what I will remember from that day. Sitting by my beautiful wife, listening to my beautiful children, helped center me, and remind me of all the great things that I have in my life.

That is what I often look for, but in the best moments they find us.  That experience or opportunity that recharges our batteries, and enables us to continue forward.  It helped me realize that it is just important to be open and present in the moments that don’t necessarily matter as well as the huge, monumental events that we prepare weeks and months for.

Be present, be there for the moments that matter. More importantly, be there for the moments that aren’t. Those small yet simple moments are often the most profound and meaningful of our entire lives. We don’t mean for some of the best things in our lives to happen to us to happen, they just do, be present.

A moment with those you love is never wasted. Carpe some diems and love your life!

Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

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