One more about the 93% for fun

For fun, what does the style of diaper that I wear convey about me to all the topics above?  There is a whole other layer that can be said about what we wear as well, but I’ll keep it just to diapers.  There are many, many styles of diapers that fit a myriad of purposes. I really enjoy printed diapers. It brings my little side out a bit more, and when I wear in public it makes me smile a bit on the inside knowing there is something “fun” or childish printed on my diaper.  

Lately I’ve really enjoyed ABU’s PeekABU prints because the faces always make me happy when I see them.  I think I may be Team Giraffe. I even found that when the top of the diaper pushes down a bit that it looks like the emotion of the avatar changes. 🙂  I found myself making it change emotions in front of a mirror the other day when I figured it out.

I’m sure the style of diaper we choose to wear also speaks so much about us, or the space that we are trying to get into.  That then flows into any accessories or toys that you employ while exploring and enjoying your little side.  Each object speaks to us as well as the image it projects to anyone else that sees it and us. Be careful being too overt in public with your wearing.  I wouldn’t ever want to push my little side onto someone else in public in any obvious way or purposeful attempt. They didn’t ask for it.

Everything we do sends a message. To ourselves, and those around us.

Photo by Jenna Hamra from Pexels

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