My “attempt” to talk about it with my parents

I just finished another post where I referenced this part of my story, and I realized that I should probably explain this vain attempt at telling my parents to provide a bit of context for Hello rock, meet hard place (coming 8/1/2019) before posting it.  There is no huge reveal in this story, I don’t think, other than it was my one real attempt at talking with my parents about diapers growing up.  Perhaps I will learn something as I tell the story to you.

While in High School, as I learned more about myself and diapers, I concocted the full-proof plan of how to be able to wear diapers and have it be okay at my house.  I think my hope was to not have to hide it, and avoid the fear of being caught. I’m learning I’m not the only one that has tried to create a cover story in order to wear.  I see this now, much later in life, as both silly and it would have created a crutch for my desire to wear diapers. I may not have learned and grown about diapers the same way if life would have taken a different turn here.  I am grateful my “amazing plan” was so quickly foiled. At the most basic level my plan was:

WebMD + incontinence = greatest plan ever

I began researching online about adult diapers, in an attempt, I think, to learn more about myself.  I came across the term incontinence, and leveraging the amazing Internet of the late 1990s and a REAL, printed Dictionary I decided I would talk to my mom.  My plan was that I had trouble “controlling” myself and WebMD said the easiest course of action was a Depend Adult Brief, and that it would likely take care of itself.  Somehow I gathered the courage to actually have the quick conversation with my mom, but I was not able to survive the one question my dad followed up with a day or two later.  I clammed up, and closed the conversation. Yup, I folded like a cheap lawn chair.

Like I said earlier, I am happy that my plan was foiled, as I do not regret the path I’ve led up to this point in life.  I am learning now, and working to accept and incorporate who I am into the rest of my life. My wonder is, if anyone has a story as embarrassing as mine?  I’m honestly very tempted to not even post this, but I hope it will help as there are others who can either relate or are trying to figure out what to do themselves.

To you, brave diaper-wearer, good luck!

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