Teen years, and less than favorable circumstances

So I became a teen.  Like most boys I began to learn a lot about myself and the associated changes I was encountering.  At some point during this time of my life I remember that I was stimulated by diapers. I may have been the entire time, but this is when the connection made as there was actually a result from what my body was doing.  

I do not know if every Adult Baby and/or Diaper Lover has a sexual association with wearing but I do.  They are not mutually exclusive. Both have their place, and one is not required for the other. Most of my wearing now is non-sexual, but that association does exist.  I often go back in my mind to see if I molded the two things together, unconsciously bonding or strengthening the two, but I do not think that is the case.

I found that “borrowing” diapers from where I could find them while I was a teen was the only way I felt I could acquire one.  There is something to be said here, that I felt the need to a certain point that I resorted to taking other people’s diapers in order to wear them.  Thinking about it now that I type this, most every diaper that I had worn up to this point in my life had been the property of someone else. In any event, I knew that someone was bound to communicate that I was purchasing them, so I found other avenues.  Those early experiences were short-lived wearing sessions as privacy was a luxury, and there was not time wear with any frequency or consistency at all.

I remember this being an on again, off again kind of relationship with diapers.  That point is one of the most interesting points for me. I’ve tried to figure out why and when diapers have played the role they do in my life.  Usage has ebbed and flowed with the associated desire to do so. My latest theory surrounds stress and engaging factors in my life. Fast forward to more present times, and I feel that my wearing is associated with stress from various parts of my life, and it is an “out” to help take stress off and bring myself back to a semblance of normal.  I believe this has been an effective method as there is not much time to come down from one thing before the next (or three other things) all ramp up. Sometimes I have worn during the stressful event, which has also proved effective. I’m sure this will be covered much more in other discussions.

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