We all need somebody to lean on

I had a talk with someone I respect last week and we covered a myriad of topics.  During the conversation he encouraged me to make sure that I have “that person” to go to when I need a sounding board and to work through something.  This is the person that I described previously in Dancing, criticism, and “that voice.”

I think that it is just resonating to me how important it is to have that person, and have back ups ready to go.  My person has been unavailable for the last few days and it has shown in my ability to handle the onslaught of new little annoyances that have popped up.  Like when your diaper just doesn’t feel right. It cascades and builds up where it affects me more than I should let it. I even began to turn on myself and feel bad for working to accept and understand myself in diapers.  I had the thought today cross my mind to blame the diapers for all the stress (when it is the diapers that have provided the calm from the storm). So many things to figure out..

I appreciate all of those people who have been my sounding board, and let me talk.  Then we try to figure things out, but I don’t feel judged by their feedback, critiques, and suggestions.  For me, it really only takes that one person to help me get back out of the rut. After a fairly large number of things, I was able to have about a 10-15 minute conversation with one of my people, and as they walked away I felt much better.  The storm isn’t gone, but it feels much more like a “tempest in a teapot” now.

Whether they are IRL, Twitter friends, Instagram followers, or somebody you haven’t texted in a long time hang on to those people.  Reach out for no other reason than to thank them for their presence during the storms of life. They keep us afloat and upright when those feelings of inadequacy and doubt enter.

If you need somebody, please send me a message. I know what it is like to feel alone in this diapered mindset. If I can be there, I will, even if it is only over a special media platform. We all need someone who relates, and who, sometimes, will just listen. Add/message me on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

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