The Choices We Make, The Diapers We Wear

Have you ever considered that we choose our trials and challenges that we experience in this life?  I’m sure that we choose during this life to put ourselves in circumstances that cause us joy or pain.  That is part of what life is all about, having the ability to choose. We are all placed in various places in life socially, economically, geographically, et cetera.  We can see that by the community that we are a part of. Twitter never ceases to amaze me by recommending another ABDL to me that shares a common bond with diapers and regression in some other part of the world.  It would make sense then that in our common community that we would experience some of the same trials and challenges no matter where we find ourselves in the world.

A little further understanding of this perspective of choosing our challenges stems from the religious belief of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that everyone lived before this life on Earth in what is called the premortal existence.  There we made the choice to come to the Earth and experience it, and learn from it through our choices.

The two people that I’ve heard talk about this concept recently have said they believe we were presented with our challenges and trials, and that we accepted them.  Whether this is doctrine or true or not I have them now. I have always had my little side with me, I have never felt or known any different for as long as I can remember.  Here, now, in this life we do choose. I make the choice to diaper up, and allow my little to be present. I make choices that do not just affect my own life as well. My decisions to diaper/regress have social and financial impacts on my family.

While reading “There’s Still A Baby in my Bed” the levels of regression are discussed and related to how “healthy” each of these are to be in for different durations.  Here lies our choice. The majority of us have never been without these desires, so our choice and decision relates to how healthy of a little we choose to be. Especially when we are married, have children, and external responsibilities the importance of these choices are magnified.  We have to “grow up” enough to be able to balance ourselves. I would encourage you to read this book, even if you are the ABDL. I am learning how to better talk to my spouse through reading this book.

This is sometimes easier said than done.  Yesterday, I was needing that space, but the two opportunities I was hoping to use in order to put myself in that space could not happen.  I had to put my big boy pants on, and hold that pressure at bay until I was able to let my little out.

We also choose to share or hide this from the people we love.  That choice is not a small one, and should not be taken lightly.  Much thought, consideration, and prayer should go into this decision.  Please make sure you understand the gravity of what you are doing, and remember to take Baby Steps!  Our one step of saying “I like to wear diapers” is much more of a mountain for our spouse/loved one.

I am not sure whether I chose these challenges, or what level of comprehension we had as it related to the trials we would be subjected to, but I am here now. I know the choice that I did make, His love behind the gift of choice and the assoicated plan placed before me, and the power I hold is how I chose to live our the choices that I have made, that I am making, and that I will make. May we all strive to make good choices in every facet of our lives. All too often our actions do not only impact ourselves, especially as we grow up, much to our internal little’s dismay.

Always choose to be the best you that you can be.  Unless you can be Batman, then definitely be Batman!

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